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It is our earnest endeavour to offer suites of new and competitive financial products and services.We have for this purpose tied up with various insurance companies. The details of tie-up and products offered are given below:
We are the Corporate Agents for the distribution of Life Insurance products, of M/S HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co Ltd. Under this tie up arrangement, we offer following life insurance products:
Protection Plans
Protection Plans help to shield your family from uncertainties in life due to financial losses in terms of loss of income that may dawn upon them incase of your untimely demise or critical illness. Protection Plans go a long way in ensuring your family’s financial independence in the event of your unfortunate demise or critical illness. They are all the more important if you are the chief wage earner in your family. No matter how much you have saved or invested over the years, sudden eventualities, such as death or critical illness, always tend to affect your family financially apart from the huge emotional loss.
Children’s Plan
Children’s Plans help to save,so that you can fulfill your child’s dreams and aspirations. These plans go a long way in securing your child’s future by financing the key milestones in their lives even if you are no longer around to oversee them. Children’s Plans help you save steadily over the long term so that you can secure your child’s future needs, be it higher education, marriage or anything else. A small sum invested by you regularly can help you build a decent corpus over a period of time and go a long way in providing your child a secured financial future alongwith .
Retirement Plans
Retirement Plans provide you with financial security so that when your professional income starts to ebb, you can still live with pride without compromising on your living standards. By providing you a tool to accumulate and invest your savings, these plans give you a lump sum on retirement, which is then used to get regular income through an annuity plan. Given the high cost of living and rising inflation, employer pensions alone are not sufficient. Pension planning has therefore become critical in today's world.
Savings and Investment Plans
You have always given your family the very best. And there is no reason why they shouldn’t get the very best in the future too. As a judicious family man, your priority is to secure the well-being of those who depend on you. Not just for today, but also in the long term. More importantly, you have to ensure that your family’s future expenses are taken care, even if something unfortunate were to happen to you. Our Savings & Investment Plans provide you the assurance of lump sum funds for your and your family’s future expenses. While providing an excellent savings tool for your short term and long term financial goals, these plans also assure your family a certain sum by way of an insurance .
Health Plans
Health plans give you the financial security to meet health related contingencies. Due to changing lifestyles, health issues have acquired completely new dimensions becoming more complex in nature. It becomes imperative then to have a health plan in place, which will ensure that no matter how critical your illness is, it does not impact your financial independence.

Above products are available through all our branches with expert personalised advice.

For more information, please visit our nearest branch or contact our Customer Service Centre on Toll Free Number 1800229999
Please note that Bank is entitled for Commision for marketing the above products of M/S HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co. Ltd. The details of the commission structure are available at our Branches for the information of our customers.
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