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Saraswat Bank Credit Cards offers a host of benefits, offers & features to cater to your needs. We are sure that the many benefits and privileges on offer will pamper you and complement your lifestyle perfectly.

Credit cards come with legal contracts. Hence, it is important that you are aware of their terms and conditions, when you sign up for them. Please read your credit card application carefully to know about your card's features and associated Terms and Conditions. The information mentioned in small prints may have big impacts on your fees, charges and usage conditions. While some T&Cs are similar on all cards, there are many others that may be particular to the ones you are applying for, so we recommend that you go through all of them. If your card has multiple users, know about the liabilities shared by secondary users. Also, if you have applied for Add-on cards, understand the added responsibilities that come with them such as who will manage the cards, pay bills and debts, etc.

A) Type of Applicant:

1. Resident Individual:

  • Salaried employees of organisations like Limited Companies, body corporate, proprietorship firms, partners of partnership firms and Directors of a Company.
  • Self-employed / Professional / Businessmen / Proprietor / Partnership Firms / LLP

2. Non-Resident individual:

This facility cannot be extended to Non-Resident Individuals.

3. Body Corporate:

Any company registered under the Companies Act can avail of the facility.

4. Societies/ Trusts:

This facility cannot be extended to Societies / Trusts.

Bank will ensure that credit cards are invariably offered to the visually challenged without any discrimination.

B) Type of Activity:

  • Stock/ Commodity Brokers: Individuals / Body Corporates involved in this activity cannot be extended this facility.
  • Builders / Developers: Applicants involved in this activity cannot be extended this facility.

C) Employment Norms for Salaried Individuals:

Individual applicants working with the following type of organisations are eligible to avail the facility - 

  • Public Limited Companies
  • Private Limited Companies
  • Government Organisations / Public Sector Undertakings
  • Entities / Organisations having Banking relationship with our Bank
  • Private aided Schools / Colleges

D) Age of Applicant:

Salaried Employees - 21 to 60 years

Businessmen - 21 to 65 years

E) Income Criteria:

For salaried persons, the minimum net take home salary should be Rs. 25,000/-

For businessmen, self-employed and professionals, the minimum Gross Income should be Rs. 1.50 lakhs p.a.

For online Credit card registration click on: https://creditcards.saraswatbank.co.in

Credit Card Mobile App User Guide (PDF)

Credit Card Web Portal User Guide (PDF)

Credit Card Services Charges (PDF)