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Doctor Delite
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Doctor Delite




  • For setting up clinic/ hospital
  • For purchase of equipments / furniture at the clinic /  hospital
  • To conduct renovation of clinic /hospital.
  • Takeover of loans from other Banks/Institutions-subject to norms


  • Any qualified Doctor (existing /new practitioner)

Limit of Loan

  • Maximum up to Rs. 300 lakh – for new medical practitioner
  • Maximum up to Rs. 500 lakh- for existing practitioner with minimum 3 years of practice.

Basis of Advance

    1)  90% of cost of premises                                                  80% cost of equipment 
        70% of cost of furniture/ cost of renovation
   2)  5 times of Avg Net cash accruals (Existing          practitioners) OR  
        3 times of average projected Net cash accruals (New    practitioners)                  
       (1 or 2 whichever is lower)

Repayment Period

  • For Premises upto 120 months
  • For Equipments/renovation/furniture upto 84 months   

Rate of Interest



Land and Building

(PLR-4.75) : 9.50%

Equipment /Renovation /Furniture

(PLR-4.50) : 9.75%

          Present PLR: 14.25% p.a

Combo Offer For applications with Min ticket size of Rs. 50 lac ( premises mortgaged):  Pre-sanction car loan of upto Rs. 10 lac

Processing Fee

  • Upto Rs. 100 lakh : 0.5% of loan amount; maximum 


  • Above Rs. 100 lakh : Rs. 50,000/-


  • As per extant shareholding norms


  •  Purchase of equipment/ furniture – Hypothecation of 

 equipment/ furniture to be purchased

  •  Purchase of new premises/ Construction of clinic or hospital on owned plot/ Renovation of clinic – Equitable   Mortgage of the premises/  clinic respectively
  • Collateral based on merits of proposal


  1. Duly filled prescribed application form with KYC proof
  2. Latest Photograoph, Photo Identity & Residence Proof of the Applicant.
  1. ITR for last 3 years (fresh medical practitioners IT returns may not be insisted) & Bank statement for last 3 months
  • Legal documents required for creating mortgage /Quotation of the equipment to be purchased/ renovation cost or furniture cost.
  • Licence to Practice.
Conditions apply