Against your existing shares, debentures, bonds or mutual funds, Saraswat Bank grants loan up to maximum of Rs. 10 Lakh.


  1. Individuals who are not connected with any Stock Broking firm or activity.

Limit of Loan:

  1. Maximum Rs. 10.00 lakh in case of securities in Demat form.
  2. Maximum Rs. 5.00 lakh in case of securities in physical form.

Basis of Advance:

  1. 50% of the market value of securities. (as per approved list)
  2. Loan can be granted against shares in demat form only

Repayment Period:

  1. Overdraft facility subject to review every year

Rate of Interest:

  1. Floating : 10.00% p.a. 
  2. Present PLR: 15.25% p.a. (w.e.f 15.12.2022)


  1. Pledge of shares/securities
  2. Minimum 2 scrips, no single scrip can exceed 50% of the current market value of the portfolio and the same can be extended to a Maximum of 75% only in the case of A group companies.

Processing Fees: NIL


  1. As per extant shareholding norms


  1. Duly filled prescribed application form.
  2. Latest Photograph, Photo Identity & Residence Proof of the Applicant & Guarantor.
  3. Declaration from borrower not being connected to any stock broking activity/firm.

Conditions Apply*