Bearing in mind the complexities of managing three different accounts for Savings, Demat and Trading, Saraswat Bank is here to save you the trouble. Make sure you leverage Sarawat Bank’s 3-in-1 Account that helps you manage all the three—Savings, Demat and Trading with zero problems. It lets you operate, maintain and regulate your accounts at your comfort. 3-in-1 Account is a composite-CASA, Demat and Trading Account. Our tie up with M/s Religare Securities Ltd. (RSL) allows for a broker-free online trading, all under one roof.


The 3-in-1 Account facility is available to any of the normal/premium saving or current account. (Other than Cub Account, Campus Account, Janhit Account, Suvidha Account, My Money Account and Overdraft a/c).

Features and Benefits:

  1. The Savings and Demat Account of the customer will be maintained by Saraswat Bank, while the Trading account will be maintained by M/s Religare Securities Ltd.
  2. The concerned Saving/Current Account must be powered with Internet banking facility to use the Online Trading service.
  3. The client availing this facility must be the 1st holder of the three accounts, i.e, Saving, Demat and Trading Account.
  4. The customer will be allowed to transact in Equity and/or Derivatives segment of the market.
  5. The customer will not be required to visit the branch or Religare office for any transaction.

The facility is available to clients in following 3 options:

  1. Trading through a computer: You can login to the Saraswat Bank’s website, that directs you to the trading website or directly into www.religareonline.com.
  2. Trading through Mobile App: Trading on the GO, an app that can be downloaded from Google Playstore. The client should have any Android based and Internet enabled mobile to use this facility.
  3. Trading via phone call: If the customer is unable to access the internet, then they can choose to call and trade at any time during the market hours.
The customer can avail all the three listed options as per his/her convenience.


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