If you bear Life Insurance Policy (LIP), NSC or KVP, feel free to take advantage of our loan offerings against them.


  1. The Life Insurance Policy(LIP) should be in force for a minimum period of 3 years and should be assignable
  2. NSC/KVP should be minimum 1 year old in case of TL

Limits of Loans:

  1. No limit

Basis of Advance:

  1. NSC:
    1. 90 % of Face Value if residual maturity period is less than 3 years
    2. 85 % of Face Value if residual maturity period is more than 3 years
  1. LIP:  90% of surrender value

Repayment Period:

  1. 10 years in case of TL OR date of maturity whichever is earlier

Rate of interest (Floating): w.e.f 19.12.2022

  1. (PLR – 5.75) = 9.50 %
  2. Present PLR: 15.25% p.a. (w.e.f 15.12.2022)


  1. In case of LIP, the terms and conditions of the Policy should state that Policy can be assigned / Loan can be availed against the Policy.
  2. KVP/NSC should be pledged/LIP should be assigned in Banks Name.

Processing Fees:

  1. Nil


  1. As per extant shareholding norms

Documents Required:

  1. Prescribed loan application form