With Saraswat Bank, be rest assured as your funds are in safe hands and your investments are growing. Along with this, enjoy unrestricted access to your account with the best-in-class premium service. You can also take benefit of the Sweep In/Sweep Out facility that allows flawless fund transfer to your fixed deposit allowing you to earn higher interest rates.


  1. Individuals (singly or jointly)
  2. Minor by guardian
  3. Organizations
  4. Co-op. societies.

Minimum AQB :

  1. Initial deposit for opening the account is Rs.25000.
  2. Average quarterly balance to be maintained is Rs.25000.

Rate of Interest:

3% p.a. w.e.f. 1st June 2020

Free Personal Accident Cover of Rs. 2 lacs:

  1. Free for initial 3 years. Thereafter Rs.26/- inclusive of appl tax

Special facilities/features:

  1. 100 cheque leaves are free every financial year, thereafter Rs.4/- per cheque leaf.
  2. Issuance of DDs/POs is free on Saraswat Bank locations.
  3. AMC waiver (lifetime) on Rupay/Visa debit Card,
  4. No AMC  charges on opening of demat account for initial TWO years.
  5. No cash handling charges
  6. Sweep In Sweep Out Facility Available
  7. Internet Banking, Mobile Banking facility is free
  8. AMC waiver on Debit card (Rupay/Visa) for lifetime.
  9. NEFT/ RTGS transactions  ( online/ branch) are free.
  10. Interest rate concession on Advantage /Privilege / MPLS : 0.5% concession on prevailing interest rate.
  11. 50% Concession in processing fee on super fast car loan  (t&c apply)
  12. Concession on International remittances/TC issue/ Currency issue (t&c apply)

Service charges -

  1. ATM transactions
    Saraswat Bank ATM-First 5 financial transactions per month  are free . Thereafter Rs 10/- +GST per financial transaction. Non Financial  ATM transactions are free.
    Other Bank ATM- First 3 transactions in Metro and 5 transactions in non-metro including financial and non-financial  are free in a month. Thereafter Rs 20/- + GST per financial and Rs 10/- + GST per non-financial transactions would  be              chargeable.

  1. Non-maintenance of minimum AQB : Rs.750/- per quarter

  1. Account closure charges - 
  •      If within 1 year – Rs.500 + Rs.5 per unused cheque
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