To make banking facilities available especially to the weaker sections of the society  , Saraswat Bank offers Janhit Account. Janhit account is a small account / no-frill account which can be opened for a  customer who is unable to produce any valid KYC documents .The Bank shall  open Janhit account subject to terms and conditions. The details of which are available under KYC-AML policy of the Bank.

Minimum Balance:

  1. The initial deposit amount required to open account would be Rs.250/-.
  2. Minimum Balance required to be maintained would be Rs.100/-.


  1. ABB transactions allowed
  2. No cheque book facility
  3. Standing Instruction facility is allowed.
  4. 4 free debit transactions allowed per month.
  5. Rupay Debit Card can be issued if the account holder accepts to pay the normal charges as applicable subject to fulfillment of kyc norms.  AMC waiver on  Rupay card for 1st Year


Any individual can open the account either singly or jointly with relaxed KYC norms.

Interest Rates:

Interest Rate: 3 % p.a. w.e.f. 1st June 2020 with quarterly rest.

Service Charges:

  1. ATM transaction: first 5 financial transactions, per month, free of cost.  Exceeding 5 financial transactions,  Rs.10 (plus GST) per transaction will be charged.  Non-financial Local ATM transactions will be free.
  2. Account closure charges: If account is closed within 6 months – Rs. 10/-

Terms and Conditions applicable:

  1. Balances do not exceed Rs 50,000/- at any point of time.
  2. Total credits to the account should not exceed Rs 1 lakh in a financial  year.
  3. Aggregate withdrawals and transfers in a month not to exceed Rs.10,000.
  4. Cheque book facility is not available.
  5. Foreign remittance is not allowed to be credited to the account.
  6. Rupay Debit card can be issued subject to fulfilment of KYC norms.
  7. Janhit accounts will be valid for a period of 12 months initially which may be extended by another 12 months if the accountholder provides proof of having applied for an officially valid document. Once a Janhit account complies all KYC requirements for a regular account, his/her Janhit account will be closed and opened as a regular or Suvidha A/c as per his/her consent .


Click here to download KYC documents submission requirement.