Purpose of Loans:

  1. To purchase durable and sophisticated aids / appliances / that promote their physical and social rehabilitation.


  1. All Physically Challenged Individuals – both salaried and self-employed, All Physically Challenged Minors through their Parents. (No advances to middle-men and NGOs).
    Individual should be employed for a minimum period of 1 year

Amount of Loan:

  1. Min: Nil
  2. Max Rs. 5 lakh

Basis of advance:

  1. Salaried: 20 times of net salary
  2. Businessmen: 3 times of average gross cash accruals or latest audited gross cash accrual with justification.


  1. Hypothecation of the Equipment purchased out of Bank Finance


  1. Nil


  1. 0%


  1. Max 60 months

Processing Fees:

  1. Nil

Rate of interest:

  1. 10.25% p.a  fixed