From Debit cards, to SMS banking and additional benefits from the Government of India, at zero balance requirement, the Jan Dhan Yojana has the best facilities to offer. Any branch banking and the inbuilt accident cover serve as the cherry on the cake for this exciting Saving scheme.


(i). Individuals above the age of 10 years can open this account under any of the following Account Types:
     a. Individual
     b. Joint
     c. Minor by guardian (upto date of majority)
(ii). The individual should not have account under PMJDY scheme with any of our branches or any other Bank (Declaration  to be obtained).

Initial Deposit & Minimum Average Quarterly Balance:


Rate of interest:

3.00% p.a. with quarterly rest

Mode of Holding:

Single or Joint

Service Charges:

  1. First 5 financial transactions are allowed free  per month at Saraswat Bank ATM. Thereafter charges of Rs 10/- per transaction would be applicable. No charges for non-financial transactions
  2. First 5 transactions (financial and nonfinancial) per month are allowed free on other Banks ATMs. Thereafter, Financial transactions at other Bank ATMs for cash withdrawal  will be Rs 20/- per transaction and non-financial transactions will be Rs 10/-per transaction.
  3. No charges for account closure

Other Points:

  1. Holders of PMJDY Savings Account with one branch will not be eligible for opening another PMJDY Savings Account at any other branches of our Bank or with another Bank. A declaration from the customer is required as per Annexure A.
  2. The officially valid documents applicable for regular savings account is applicable.
  3. No Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Cheque Book facility is provided to PMJDY account holders.


Click here to download KYC documents submission requirement.

Download Application Form:

Click here to download the account opening form.