The Saraswat Bank Regular Savings Account aims to help you become financially secure so you can fulfill your goals in life. A complete package of the best services, Saraswat bank is here to deliver only the best and make banking easy, convenient and technologically advanced.

Average Quarterly Balance:

Minimum AQB w.e.f  01.09.2019

a) For Individuals - including Minor / NRE/ NRO
b) Non- Individuals - Foundation, Society, HUF ,etc
(i) Urban/ Metro branches  = Rs 2000/-
(ii) Semi-Urban branches   = Rs 1000/-
(iii) Rural branches            = Rs 500/-
c)For Senior citizen, Pension accounts and Self Help Group (Bachat Gat) (i) Urban/ Metro branches  = Rs 1000/-
(ii) Semi-Urban branches   = Rs 500/-
(iii) Rural branches            = Rs 250/-


  1. AMC waiver on  Rupay /Visa Debit Card for 1st year
  2. Free Internet banking, Mobile banking
  3. NEFT/ RTGS transactions  ( online/ branch) are free.
  4. AMC waiver on Demat account for 1st year

Interest Rates:

Interest Rate applicable on Savings Deposit Scheme is 3% p.a. w.e.f. 1st June 2020


Individuals, Organizations


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Service Charges:

Charges for non-maintenance of Average quarterly balance (AQB) w.e.f 07.01.2019
  1. Existing Regular Savings Account, New Accounts  for Senior citizens, Bachat Gat-SHG, Pension Account.
  2. For Individuals including Minor/NRE/NRO
  3. Non-individuals - Trust, Foundation, Society, HUF, etc.

Urban/ Metro branches
Semi-Urban branches
Rural branches
Rs 150/- per quarter
Rs 100/- per quarter
Rs 50/- per quarter

  1. ATM transactions - 

   - Saraswat Bank ATM - First 5 financial transactions per month are free. Thereafter Rs 10/- +GST per financial transaction. Non-Financial ATM transactions are free.
   - Other Bank ATM  - 3 transactions in Metro and 5 transactions in non-metro including financial and non-financial are free. Thereafter Rs 20/- per financial transaction and Rs 10/- per non-financial transactions (excl gst) would  be applicable.

  1. Account Closure - If Account is closed within -
      6 months – Rs.200 + Rs.5  per unused cheque.   
      1year        – Rs.150 + Rs.5 per unused cheque.

  1. Cheque leaf charges (Per leaf)  - 
20 cheque leaves free every financial year, thereafter Rs 4/- per cheque leaf
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