If you have a rented commercial premise, Saraswat Bank provides easy and quick Rental Loans against rent receivables for your business requirements.

Maximum Amount of Loan:

  1. 6 times of annual rent subject to maximum 60% of the total rent receivables
  1. 70% of the realisable value of property, whichever is lower.

Further, rent receivables from single lessee not to exceed 25% of total rent receivable.



Repayment Period:

5 years maximum or till the remaining period of the lease, which is earlier.
Repayment will be from the rent received.


Equitable mortgage of the property given on rent or any other acceptable property of value of 35% more than the loan amount, subject to valuation certificate from Bank’s approved valuer.

Rate of Interest:

The proposal shall be rated as per the credit rating model followed by the Bank and a good rating can get you a better interest rate. The interest rates are linked to our PLR. Current PLR is @15.25%

Processing Fees:

0.5 % of the loan amount


In case the borrower is a partnership firm or a limited company, personal guarantee of the partners/directors.

Other Conditions:

Mortgage of property, Power of Attorney from landlord executed in favour of the bank to receive the rent. Property must be rented out to a reputed public limited company, public sector undertaking, Govt., or Semi Govt., organisation, Banks, financial institution, Insurance Company or multinational company