It is never too early to start learning about financial  responsibilities. Your little ones can gain an upper edge by knowing technologically advanced banking during their budding years. It is a great way to lead your child towards a secured future.

Minimum Balance:

  1. Initial deposit and Minimum average quarterly balance is   Rs 1000/-


  1. Free issuance of one DD/PO per month with an upper cap of Rs 5000/-.
  2. Free Internet and Mobile banking facility.
  3. AMC on Rupay/Visa Debit card for 1st year is free ( t&c apply).

Cheque Book facility is available under Regular Minor by Guardian Savings Account. To know more kindly refer Regular Saving Account


Account can be opened in the name of individual minor above age of 10 years singly. (10-18 years of age). 

Mode of Holding:



  1. Maximum 1.00 lakh credit balance allowed in the account during the calendar year.
  2. Maximum 2 debit transactions allowed per month with total upper cap of Rs 10,000/-.
  3. No overdrawing’s/ debit balance be allowed
  4. No cheque book facility available

Interest Rates:

Interest Rate earned on My Money Deposit Savings Account is 3% p.a. w.e.f. 1st June 2020

Service Charges:

  1. Non-maintenance of minimum AQB balance (per quarter) -      
For balance below Rs 500:
     - Urban/ Metro branches = Rs 150/- per quarter
     - Semi-Urban branches = Rs 100/- per quarter
     - Rural branches = Rs 50/- per quarter

  1. Account Closure 
      - Within 6 months - Rs.250/-
      - Within 1 year- Rs 150/-

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