Saraswat Bank - Safe Banking

A Satark Banking Initiative

Safety Measure

At Saraswat Bank we believe in safeguarding and enhancing your online banking experience with us. These safety measures will help you in staying Satark and safeguard you from potential attacks.


For ease of our customers, Saraswat Bank offers the feature of e-banking thereby utilizing paperless options. Each customer is provided with a unique User ID and/or Password. Your password is generated in such a way that it is only known to you. Know More...


Some security measures of ATM banking are as follows:
Register your mobile number with the Bank to get alerts of transactions.
Beware of "shoulder surfing" while transacting anything inside the ATM. Know More...

Phone Banking

Some security measures of Phone banking are as follows:
Avoid giving verification details over in public place.
Phone Banking channel is meant to be used by the account holder only. Know More...

Mobile Device Security

Password-protect your mobile device to protect against unauthorized access. Set up a Pin/password/pattern that is difficult to crack. You may set biometric lock in your smart phones. Know More...

Email Security

Your email ID is your identity and address on the Internet. This should be protected the same way.
Be cautious while disclosing your email ID on websites, chat rooms, internet blogs or subscribe to mailing lists without having read the privacy policy of respective websites. Know More...

Password Security

When you create your password, make it at least 8 characters long. Include at least one capital letter, one numeral (0-9), and one special character (\,@,#,%,$,^)
Do not share your passwords with anyone. Know More...