True to its name, Suvidha Savings Account is well equipped with all convenient features at a zero balance facility. A low maintenance account, it is specially designed for those who do not hold any form of Savings Bank account with us.

Minimum Balance:

  1. No Minimum Balance is Required.


  1. Cheque book facility will be provided as applicable to regular Savings Account
  2. Standing instructions facility available .
  3. Facility of Any Branch Banking available.
  4. Free  Internet Banking and Mobile Banking facility.
  5. NEFT/RTGS online transactions are free.
  6. No minimum balance charges applicable.
  7. No limit on the number of credit transaction during a month

Interest Rates:

 3% p.a. w.e.f. 1st June 2020 with quarterly rest.


  1. Individuals including Minor by guardian. (Customer should not have any other form of Savings Bank account with the Bank)

Service Charges:

  1. ATM transaction-
    - Saraswat Bank ATM-First 5 financial transactions per month  are free at our banks ATM. Thereafter Rs 10/- +GST per financial transaction.
    - Non Financial  ATM transactions are free. 5 transactions(fin and non-financial) p.m are allowed free at other banks ATM.
  1. No minimum balance charges applicable.
  2. No limit on the number of credit transaction during a month.
  3. Maximum of 4 debit transactions are allowed per month free of charge to the customer together for cash withdrawals at branch and for ATM transactions done at Saraswat Bank ATMs. Thereafter, Cash Withdrawal at branch will be charged at ` 10/- per transaction
  4. No charges will be applicable for non-operation of account or activation of inoperative account.

Terms and Conditions applicable:

1. KYC norms as applicable to Regular Savings Account given in the KYC Policy will be applicable.
2. Holders of Suvidha Savings Account will not be eligible for opening any other savings bank deposit account with our bank.
If a customer has any other existing savings bank deposit account in our bank then he/she will not be allowed to open Suvidha Savings Account with our bank. 


Click here to download KYC documents submission requirement.